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Dr. Hook And Medicine Show/Sloppy Seconds/Belly Up

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Dr. Hook And Medicine Show/Sloppy Seconds/Belly Up


2 cd, remastered

1st Album: Dr Hook 1-1 Sylvia's Mother 1-2 Marie Lavaux 1-3 Sing Me A Rainbow 1-4 Hey, Lady Godiva 1-5 Four Years Older Than Me 1-6 Kiss It Away 1-7 Makin' It Natural 1-8 I Call That True Love 1-9 When She Cries 1-10 Judy 1-11 Mama, I'll Sing One Song For You 1-12 Freaker's Ball 2nd Album: Sloppy Seconds 1-13 If I'd Only Come And Gone 1-14 Carry Me, Carrie 1-15 The Things I Didn't Say 1-16 Get My Rocks Off 1-17 Last Mornin' 1-18 I Can't Touch The Sun 1-19 Queen Of The Silver Dollar 1-20 Turn On The World 1-21 Stayin' Song 1-22 Cover Of The Rolling Stone 1-23 Looking For Pussy 3rd Album: Belly Up 2-1 Acapulco Goldie 2-2 Penicillin Penny 2-3 Life Ain't Easy 2-4 When Lily Was Queen 2-5 Monterey Jack 2-6 You Ain't Got The Right 2-7 Put A Little Bit On Me 2-8 Ballad Of.... 2-9 Roland The Roadie Gertrude The Groupie 2-10 Come On In 2-11 The Wonderful Soup Stone