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I've Gotta Be Me

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I've Gotta Be Me

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3 CD, Box

1-1 A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine 1-2 Love Me Warm And Tender 1-3 Put Your Head On My Shoulder 1-4 Don't Ever Leave Me 1-5 Don't Gamble With Love 1-6 I'm Still Waiting Here For You 1-7 I've Gotta Be Me 1-8 Crazy Love 1-9 I Can't Stop Loving You 1-10 For Once In My Life 1-11 Lonely Boy 1-12 My Home Town 1-13 Moonrivert 1-14 You Are My Destiny 1-15 Ramblin' Rose 2-1 Diana 2-2 Remember Diana 2-3 Love Land 2-4 Memphis, Tennessee 2-5 Eso Beso (That Kiss!) 2-6 I Love You, Baby 2-7 I Love You In The Same Old Way 2-8 It Doesn't Matter Any More 2-9 Oh, Lonesome Me 2-10 Dance On Little Girl 2-11 Can't Get Used To Losing You 2-12 Memories Are Made Of This 2-13 Save The Last Dance For Me 2-14 Summer's Gone 2-15 Fly Me To The Moon 3-1 My Way 3-2 Sweet Sweet Rosalie 3-3 Sincerely 3-4 Hello, Dolly! 3-5 She's A Lady 3-6 Ein Girl Wie Du 3-7 Hello Jim 3-8 (I'm Watching) Every Little Move You Make 3-9 Blaue Augen, Blondes Haar 3-10 Zwei Mädchen Aus Germany (weißwürscht, Knödel, Sauerkraut) 3-11 Elisabeth 3-12 Sunshine Baby 3-13 The Longest Day 3-14 The End Of The World 3-15 Puppy Love

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