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Singles Collection

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Singles Collection

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3 lp, White

A1 Maybellene 2:18 A2 Wee Wee Hours 3:04 A3 Thirty Days (To Come Back Home) 2:25 A4 Together (We Will Always Be) 2:36 A5 No Money Down 2:57 A6 The Downbound Train 2:49 A7 Roll Over Beethoven 2:21 A8 Drifting Heart 2:49 B1 Brown Eyed Handsome Man 2:17 B2 Too Much Monkey Business 2:55 B3 You Can't Catch Me 2:39 B4 Havana Moon 3:08 B5 School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) 2:40 B6 Deep Feeling 2:18 B7 Oh Baby Doll 2:32 B8 Lajaunda 3:11 C1 Rock And Roll Music 2:30 C2 Blue Feeling 3:02 C3 Sweet Little Sixteen 2:58 C4 Reelin' And Rocking 3:13 C5 Johnny B. Goode 2:36 C6 Around And Around 2:41 C7 Beautiful Delilah 2:10 C8 Vacation Time 2:49 D1 Carol 2:48 D2 Hey Pedro 1:55 D3 Merry Christmas Baby 3:10 D4 Run Rudolph Run 2:41 D5 Anthony Boy 1:51 D6 That's My Desire 2:13 D7 Almost Grown 2:18 D8 Little Queenie 2:41 E1 Back In The U.S.A. 2:23 E2 Memphis, Tennessee 2:15 E3 Broken Arrow 2:22 E4 Childhood Sweetheart 2:44 E5 Let It Rock 1:42 E6 Too Pooped To Pop "Casey" 2:34 E7 Bye Bye Johnny 2:05 E8 Worried Life Blues 2:11 F1 I Got To Find My Baby 2:16 F2 Mad Lad 2:08 F3 Jaguar And Thunderbird 1:50 F4 Our Little Rendezvous 1:59 F5 I'm Talking About You 1:47 F6 Little Star 2:47 F7 Come On 1:51 F8 Go-Go-Go 2:30