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Five Classic Albums

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Five Classic Albums

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4 CD Box

CD 1 1: Here's what i'm here for 2: It's a new world 3: Someone at last 4: Lose that long face 5: Gotta have me go with you 6: The man that got away 7: Born in a truck medley 8: This is the time of the evening 9: You made me love you 10: Her pretty girl milking her cow 11: Rock-a-bye your baby with a dixie melody 12: Happiness is a thing called joe 13: Shine on harvest moon 14: Carolina in the morning 15: Danny boy 16: After you've gone 17: Over the rainbow CD 2 1: Come rain or shine 2: Just imagine 3: I feel a song coming on 4: Last night when we were young 5: Life is just a bowel of cherries 6: April showers 7: I will come back 8: Dirty hands, dirty face 9: Lucky days 10: Memories of you 11: Any place i hang my hat that is home 12: By myself 13: Little girl blue 14: Me and my shadow 15: Among my souvenirs 16: I gotta a right to sing the blues 17: I get the blues when it rains 18: Mean to me 19: How about you 20: Just a memory 21: Blue prelude 22: Happy new year CD 3 1: Overture 2: When your smiling the whole world smiles with you 3: Almost like being in love/ this cant be love 4: Do it again 5: You go to me head 6: Alone together 7: Who cares (as long as you care for me) 8: Puttin' on the ritz 9: How long has this been going on? 10: Just you , just me 11: The man that got away 12: San francisco 13: I can't give you anything but love 14: That's entertainment CD 4 1: Come rain or come shine 2: You're nearer 3: A foggy day 4: If love were all 5: Zing! went the strings of my heart 6: Stormy weather 7: You made me love you medley 8: Rock-a-bye your baby with a dixie melody 9: Over the rainbow 10: Swanee 11: After you've gone 12: Chicago

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