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Many Faces

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Many Faces

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3 cd, digipak

The Many Faces Of Iron Maiden 1-1 –Slammer Insanity Addicts 1-2 –Black Star Riders All Hell Breaks Loose 1-3 –Paul Di'Anno Iron Maiden 1-4 –Paul Di'Anno Killers 1-5 –Paul Di'Anno Phantom Of The Opera 1-6 –Stratus , Clive Burr Back Street Lovers 1-7 –Paul Di'Anno Wrathchild 1-8 –Paul Di'Anno Murders In The Rue Morgue 1-9 –Slammer Bring The Hammer Down 1-10 –Ian Gillan Band, Janick Gers Sunbeam 1-11 –Paul Di'Anno Running Free 1-12 –Paul Di'Anno Remember Tomorrow 1-13 –Stratus , Clive Burr Even If It Takes Their Greatest Songs 2-1 –Steve Grimmett The Number Of The Beast 2-2 –Steve Overland Run To The Hills 2-3 –Gary Barden The Trooper 2-4 –Bernie Shaw Fear Of The Dark 2-5 –Doogie White Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter 2-6 –Steve Grimmett 2 Minutes To Midnight 2-7 –Steve Overland Can I Play With Madness 2-8 –Doogie White Hallowed Be Thy Name 2-9 –Steve Overland Flight Of Icarus 2-10 –Steve Grimmett Aces High 2-11 –Doogie White The Evil That Men Do 2-12 –The Vitamin String Quartet Run To The Hills The Scene, The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal 3-1 –Saxon If I Was You 3-2 –Split Beaver Hounds Of Hell 3-3 –Jaguar Back Street Woman 3-4 –Quartz Buried Alive 3-5 –The Handsome Beasts All Riot Now 3-6 –Buffalo Battle Torn Heroes 3--7 –Twisted Ace Firebird 3-8 –Dragster Ambitions 3-9 –Persian Risk Calling For You 3-10 –Witchfinder General Music 3-11 –Shiva Rock Lives On 3-12 –Saxon Need For Speed