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Crystal Lady

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Состояние пластинки: M i
Состояние конверта: NM+ i

Crystal Lady

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2 Lp, insert

A1 If Not For You 2:52 A2 It's So Hard To Say Goodbye 4:01 A3 Would You Follow Me 2:37 A4 I'm A Small And Lonely Light 2:46 A5 Banks Of The Ohio 3:16 A6 Where Are You Going To My Love 3:22 A7 Just A Little Too Much 2:06 A8 Maybe Then I'll Think Of You 2:54 B1 Me And Bobby McGee 3:45 B2 If 2:28 B3 In A Station 3:07 B4 Help Me Make It Through The Night 2:20 B5 Lullaby 3:00 B6 If You Could Read My Mind 3:40 B7 If I Gotta Leave 2:43 B8 Take Me Home Country Roads 3:17 C1 If We Only Have Love 3:20 C2 My Old Man's Got A Gun 2:51 C3 Mary Skeffington 2:29 C4 Angel Of The Morning 3:55 C5 Why Don't You Write Me 2:39 C6 Behind That Locked Door 3:06 C7 Living In Harmony 2:49 C8 I Will Touch You 3:06 D1 Heartbreaker 2:30 D2 Rosewater 5:01 D3 Feeling Best 3:25 D4 Being On The Losing End 3:40 D5 You Ain't Got The Right 3:27 D6 Leaving 3:52 D7 Let Me Be There 3:00 D8 If We Try 3:22

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