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See You On The Other Side

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See You On The Other Side

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Box, 25 lps, Rare!

16 albums on 24 unique 150-gram hand-pressed splatter-vinyl LPs, most albums previously out of print or unavailable on vinyl. Includes Flippin’ The B Side - a new collection of non-LP tracks. No More Tears newly remastered for the first time as a double-vinyl set.
Flexi disc featuring never-before-released demo of “See You On The Other Side”.
Ten 24” x 36” full size posters featuring rare archival images dated 1981-2010.
Augmented reality triggers inside the box lead to exclusive content and rare live performance videos using a smart phone app.
Individually numbered vellum certificate of authenticity personally autographed by Ozzy Osbourne.
Limited to 4500 copies.


Blizzard Of Ozz A1 I Don't Know A2 Crazy Train A3 Goodbye To Romance A4 Dee A5 Suicide Solution B1 Mr Crowley B2 No Bone Movies B3 Revelation (Mother Earth) B4 Steal Away (The Night) Mr Crowley A1 Mr Crowley B1 You Said It All B2 Suicide Solution Diary Of A Madman A1 Over The Mountain A2 Flying High Again A3 You Can't Kill Rock And Roll A4 Believer B1 Little Dolls B2 Tonight B3 S.A.T.O. B4 Diary Of A Madman Bark At The Moon A1 Bark At The Moon A2 You're No Different A3 Now You See It (Now You Don't) A4 Rock 'N' Roll Rebel B1 Centre Of Eternity B2 So Tired B3 Slow Down B4 Waiting For Darkness The Ultimate Sin A1 The Ultimate Sin A2 Secret Loser A3 Never Know Why A4 Thank God For The Bomb A5 Never B1 Lightning Strikes B2 Killer Of Giants B3 Fool Like You B4 Shot In The Dark Tribute A1 I Don't Know A2 Crazy Train A3 Believer A4 Mr Crowley B1 Flying High Again B2 Revelation (Mother Earth) B3 Steal Away (The Night) (With Drumsolo) C1 Suicide Solution C2 Iron Man C3 Children Of The Grave C4 Paranoid D1 Goodbye To Romance D2 No Bone Movies D3 Dee (Randy Rhoads Studio Outtake) No Rest For The Wicked A1 Miracle Man A2 Devils Daughter (Holy War) A3 Crazy Babies A4 Breakin' All The Rules B1 Bloodbath In Paradise B2 Fire In The Sky B3 Tattooed Dancer B4 Demon Alcohol Just Say Ozzy A1 Miracle Man A2 Bloodbath In Paradise A3 Shot In The Dark B1 Tattooed Dancer B2 Sweet Leaf B3 War Pigs No More Tears A1 Mr Tinkertrain A2 I Don't Want To Change The World A3 Mama, I'm Coming Home B1 Desire B2 No More Tears C1 S.I.N. C2 Hellraiser C3 Time After Time D1 Zombie Stomp D2 A.V.H. D3 Road To Nowhere Live & Loud A1 Intro A2 Paranoid A3 I Don't Want To Change The World A4 Desire B1 Mr Crowley B2 I Don't Know B3 Road To Nowhere C1 Flying High Again C2 Guitar Solo C3 Suicide Solution C4 Goodbye To Romance D1 Shot In The Dark D2 No More Tears D3 Miracle Man D4 Drum Solo E1 War Pigs E2 Bark At The Moon E3 Mama, I'm Coming Home F1 Crazy Train F2 Black Sabbath F3 Changes Ozzmosis A1 Perry Mason A2 I Just Want You A3 Ghost Behind My Eyes B1 Thunder Underground B2 See You On The Other Side B3 Tomorrow C1 Denial C2 My Little Man C3 My Jekyll Doesn't Hide D1 Old LA Tonight D2 Whole World's Fallin' Down D3 Aimee Down To Earth A1 Gets Me Through A2 Facing Hell A3 Dreamer A4 No Easy Way Out A5 That I Never Had A6 You Know... (Part 1) B1 Junkie B2 Running Out Of Time B3 Black Illusion B4 Alive B5 Can You Hear Them? Flippin' The 'B' Side A1 You Looking At Me Looking At You A2 One Up The 'B' Side A3 Spiders A4 Hero A5 The Liar A6 Don't Blame Me B1 Party With The Animals B2 Living With The Enemy B3 Voodoo Dancer B4 Back On Earth B5 No Place For Angels B6 Walk On Water (demo) Live At Budokan A1 I Don't Know A2 That I Never Had A3 Believer B1 Junkie B2 Mr Crowley B3 Gets Me Through C1 No More Tears C2 I Don't Want To Change The World C3 Road To Nowhere D1 Crazy Train D2 Mama, I'm Coming Home D3 Bark At The Moon D4 Paranoid Black Rain A1 Not Going Away A2 I Don't Wanna Stop A3 Black Rain A4 Lay Your World On Me B1 The Almighty Dollar B2 11 Silver B3 Civilize The Universe C1 Here For You C2 Countdown's Begun C3 Trap Door D1 Nightmare D2 I Can't Save You D3 Love To Hate Scream A1 Let It Die A2 Let Me Hear You Scream A3 Soul Sucker A4 Life Won't Wait B1 Diggin' Me Down B2 Crucify B3 Fearless C1 Time C2 I Want It More C3 Latimer's Mercy C4 I Love You All D1 Hand Of The Enemy D2 One More Time D3 Jump The Moon Flexi disc (previously unreleased) A1 See You On The Other Side (demo)

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