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Live At The Fillmore - 1997

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Состояние пластинки: S i
Состояние конверта: S i

Live At The Fillmore - 1997

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3 lp

A1 Pre-Show (Spoken Interlude) A2 Jammin' Me 4:34 A3 Listen To Her Heart 3:23 A4 Around And Around 2:35 A5 Good Evening (Spoken Interlude) A6 Lucille 3:13 A7 Call Me The Breeze 5:55 A8 Cabin Down Below 2:55 A9 The Internet, Whatever That Is (Spoken Interlude) A10 Time Is On My Side 3:31 B1 You Don't Know How It Feels 6:28 B2 I'd Like To Love You Baby 4:26 B3 Ain't No Sunshine 3:37 B4 Homecoming Queen Intro (Spoken Interlude) B5 The Date I Had With The Ugly Old Homecoming Queen 5:21 B6 Bye Bye Johnny 3:48 C1 Did Someone Say Heartbreakers Beach Party? (Spoken Interlude) C2 Heartbreakers Beach Party 4:25 C3 Angel Dream 3:08 C4 The Wild One, Forever 3:24 C5 American Girl 2:37 C6 Let's Hear It For Howie And Scott (Spoken Interlude) C7 You Really Got Me 2:43 C8 Runnin' Down A Dream 4:59 D1 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 3:00 D2 It's All Over Now 5:10 D3 Mr. Roger McGuinn (Spoken Interlude) D4 It Won't Be Wrong 2:06 D5 You Ain't Going Nowhere 3:26 D6 Eight Miles High 5:34 D7 Honey Bee 5:10 E1 John Lee Hooker, Ladies And Gentleman (Spoken Interlude) E2 Boogie Chillen 8:19 E3 Sorry, I've Just Broken My Amplifier (Spoken Interlude) E4 Knockin' On Heaven's Door 5:01 E5 You Wreck Me 4:03 E6 Shakin' All Over 2:50 E7 Free Fallin' 4:59 F1 Mary Jane's Last Dance 10:27 F2 Louie Louie 3:52 F3 Gloria 9:51 F4 Alright For Now 2:33 F5 Goodnight (Spoken Interlude)