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Live Travelling The World

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Live Travelling The World

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+ cd, Digipak

Roxette Live - Travelling The World 1:35:13 BD-1 Dressed For Success 4:26 BD-2 Sleeping In My Car 3:46 BD-3 The Big L 4:50 BD-4 Silver Blue 4:57 BD-5 Stars 3:30 BD-6 She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio) 4:36 BD-7 Perfect Day 4:32 BD-8 Things Will Never Be The Same 3:27 BD-9 It Must Have Been Love 5:59 BD-10 It's Possible 2:57 BD-11 7Twenty7 5:21 BD-12 Fading Like A Flower 5:03 BD-13 Crash! Boom! Bang! 5:26 BD-14 How Do You Do! 2:51 BD-15 Dangerous 4:09 BD-16 Joyride 5:09 BD-17 Spending My Time 5:49 BD-18 The Look 7:28 BD-19 Listen To Your Heart 5:39 BD-20 Church Of Your Heart 4:32 Documentary BD-21 It All Begins Where It Ends - The Incredible Story Of Roxette 1:01:42 Extras BD-22 Gessle Cam Part 1 "So, Christoffer?" 3:19 BD-23 Gessle Cam Part 2 "Studio Work" 12:04 BD-24 Gessle Cam Part 3 "Travelling" 28:48 BD-25 Mikael Nogueira-Svensson - The Secret Life Of A Guitar Tech 5:25 Roxette Live At Caupolican, Santiago, Chile May 5, 2012 1:18:51 CD-1 Dressed For Success 4:32 CD-2 Sleeping In My Car 3:45 CD-3 The Big L 4:48 CD-4 She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio) 5:20 CD-5 Perfect Day 4:08 CD-6 It Must Have Been Love 5:38 CD-7 It's Possible 3:14 CD-8 7Twenty7 5:14 CD-9 Fading Like A Flower 5:02 CD-10 Crash! Boom! Bang! 5:21 CD-11 How Do You Do! 3:07 CD-12 Dangerous 4:33 CD-13 Joyride 4:48 CD-14 Spending My Time 6:20 CD-15 The Look 6:33 CD-16 Listen To Your Heart 6:25

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