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House Trilogy

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House Trilogy

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3 cd, digipak

Warm Up 1-01 Von Mondo– Unexpected Melody (Miles Mix) 1-02 Lalann– Subtle 1-03 Urban Love– Transport (Deep Version) 1-04 Morgan, G & Machines– Perfect Night (Frederiks Delight Mix) 1-05 Liongold– In My Soul 1-06 Ronan– Presence (The 2 Notes Mix) 1-07 Mygale Feat. Shosha– Attendez-Moi 1-08 View Finder– Retail Therapy (Agatha's Special Mix) 1-09 DubRider– Blue Fluid 1-10 Mariscal Foch– Southern Flutes 1-11 Bop Journey– Projections 1-12 Index – Tasty 1-13 Elio Riso & Raffunk Feat. Little Gaby– Until The End (Deep Motion Remix) 1-14 Von Mondo– Reflex (Total Happiness Version) 1-15 First Street– Kashmir Ju-Ju (Kevin's Abstract Mix) House Songs 2-01 Freedom Dub– Here In Paradise (Kraut Edit) 2-02 Raff – Star 2-03 Natascha – Feel 2-04 Orleya– Desire (Over The Sky Remix) 2-05 Lalann Feat. Dew– Breeze (Remix) 2-06 Delta F 508– Around 2-07 Glambeats Corp.– Seven Nation Army (Sunlight Outtake) 2-08 From Zero– Musik (Delta Mix) 2-09 Dual Sessions– Don't Look Back 2-10 Freedom Dub Feat. Caroline Chrem– Into The Universe (Eternal Dub Mix) 2-11 Whip Culture– I Believe (In Someone) (Sixt Finger Remix) 2-12 Anekka– Night Of Pearls 2-13 Kauf Feat. Pirraglia– Destination Love 2-14 E Meets & L– Runaway (Index Remix) 2-15 Orleya– Myati (E&R Remix) Night Time 3-01 DubRider– Tunnel 3-02 Gusz– Undone 3-03 Dual Sessions– Run (J.R. Remix) 3-04 Sixth Finger– Please, Please Her (Micro House Mix) 3-05 Solimano– Skin Of My Skin 3-06 Elio Riso & Raffunk Feat. Mary F– To Be Or Not To Be (Vocal Remix Edit) 3-07 Limelight Sound– Mice In My House 3-08 Liongold– Garden Of The World (True Love Remix) 3-09 Astrovoid– Sunshine Dance 3-10 Future Soundscapes– Let's Go 3-11 Glambeats Corp.– Shooting Star (Sixth Finger Remix) 3-12 Elio Riso & Raffunk Feat. Mary F– Be Mine (Radio Edit) 3-13 Pussy Wagon– Kind Of Bizznzz 3-14 Whip Culture– Swallow (Brand New Track) 3-15 Alexander C– Hot Night (Wild Party Version)