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Евгений Онегин

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Евгений Онегин

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2 cd, digipak
Author [Novel] – Alexander Pushkin
Baritone Vocals, Voice Actor [Onegin, A Young Man About Town] – Yuri Mazurok
Bass Vocals, Voice Actor [Prince Gremin, A Nobleman] – Evgeny Nesterenko
Bass Vocals, Voice Actor [Rotniy, A Captain] – Anton Japridze
Bass Vocals, Voice Actor [Zaretsky, Lensky's Second] – Valeri Yaroslavstev
Chorus Master – Igor Agafonnikov, Stanislav Gusyov*
Composed By, Orchestrated By, Score, Libretto By – Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Conductor – M. Ermler
Contralto Vocals, Voice Actor [Olga, Larina's Daughter] – Tamara Sinyavskaya
Liner Notes [Biography] – Karolynne Gee
Liner Notes [Libretto] – Leonard Scott
Mezzo-soprano Vocals, Voice Actor [Filipevna, Nurse To Tatiana And Olga] – Larissa Avdeyeva
Mezzo-soprano Vocals, Voice Actor [Larina, A Widowed Landowner] – Tatiana Tugarinova
Performer – Orchestra Of The Bolshoi Opera, Chorus Of The Bolshoi Opera, Bolshoi Opera Soloists
Producer [Record Producer], Recorded By [Record Producer] – Mikhail Pakhter
Soprano Vocals, Voice Actor [Tatiana, Larina's Daughter] – Tamara Milashkina
Tenor Vocals, Voice Actor [Lensky, A Young Poet, His Friend] – Vladimir Atlantov
Tenor Vocals, Voice Actor [Triquet, A French Tutor] – Leo Kuznetsov
Tenor Vocals, Voice Actor [Zapevala] – Boris Mezhirovski

Act One 1-1 Introduction 2:10 Act One, Scene 1 (The Garden Of The Larin Estate) 1-2 No.1: Tatiana: "Did You Not Hear The Voice Of Love's Minstrel..." 5:10 1-3 No.2: Chorus Leader (Tenor): "My Swift Legs Hurt From Walking..." 5:27 1-4 No.3: Tatiana: "How I Love To Let My Soul Slip..." 0:55 1-5 Olga: "I Cannot Give Way To Sorrow..." 2:42 1-6 No.4: Larina "Well, My Little Gay One..." 3:13 1-7 No.5: Lensky: "Ladies! I Have Taken It Upon Me..." 3:17 1-8 No.6: Lensky: "I Am So Happy, So Happy..." 5:41 1-9 No.7: Larina: "Here You Are Then! But Where Has Tania Got To?" 2:34 Act One, Scene 2 (Tatiana's Room) 1-10 No.8: Nurse: "Well, I Talk Too Much..." 7:47 1-11 No.9: Tatiana: "May I Perish; But First I Will Call..." 12:57 1-12 No.10: Tatiana: "Ah, Night Is Over, Everything Wakens..." 6:01 Act One, Scene 3 (Another Part Of The Garden Of The Larin Estate) 1-13 No.11: Chorus Of Girls: "Pretty Young Maidens..." 2:51 1-14 No.12: Tatiana: "He Is Here, Eugene Is Here..." 2:24 1-15 Onegin: "You Wrote To Me. Do Not Deny It." 1:49 1-16 Onegin: "Had I Wished To Confine My Life To A Family Circle..." 4:15 Act Two Act Two, Scene 1 (The Reception Room Of The Larin's House) 2-1 No.13: Guests: "What A Surprise! We Never Expected..." 8:06 2-2 No.14: Lensky. "Have I Deserved Such An Insult From You?" 3:18 2-3 Triquet: "I Have The Little Song With Me..." 3:30 2-4 No.15: Rotniy: "Ladies And Gentlemen, Please Take Your Places,..." 4:23 2-5 No.16: Lensky: "In Your House!... In Your House!..." 4:53 Act Two, Scene 2 (A Rustic Watermill. Trees. Early Morning.) 2-6 No.17: Zaretsky: "Well, It Seems That Our Opponent Has Not Come?" 9:29 2-7 No.18: Zaretsky: "There They Are! But Who Is That..." 1:56 2-8 Lensky, Onegin: "Foes! How Long Is It Since The Thirst For Blood Drove Us Asunder?" 3:33 Act Three 2-9 No.19: Introduction (Polonaise) 4:20 Act Three, Scene 1 (One Of The Salons Adjoining The Ballroom Of A St.Petersburg Nobleman's House) 2-10 No.20: Onegin: "Here, Too, I Am Bored..." 2:10 2-11 Ecossaise I 1:48 2-12 Guests: "Princess Gremin! Look! Look!" 2:00 2-13 No.20a: Gremin: "At All Ages We Are Susceptible To Love..." 5:53 2-14 No.21: Gremin: "Now, Let Us Go, I Shall Introduce You..." 2:46 2-15 Ecossaise II 0:50 Act Three, Scene 2 (A Drawing Room In Prince Gremin's House) 2-16 No.22: Tatiana: "Oh, How I Suffer!..." 3:45 2-17 Tatiana: "Onegin, I Was Younger Then, And Better, Too, I Think..." 9:27