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High Priest Of Psychedelic Voodoo

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High Priest Of Psychedelic Voodoo

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3 lp

A1 In The Night A2 Tipitina A3 Mean Cheatin' Woman A4 Bald Head A5 Qualified B1 Wash, Mama, Wash B2 What Comes Around (Goes Around) B3 Quitters Never Win B4 Mama _Roux B5 A Little Closer To My Home C1 Shoo Ra C2 Woman Is The Root Of All Evil C3 Danger Zone C4 Just Like A Mirror C5 Helping Hand D1 Cat And Mouse Game D2 She's Just A Square D3 I Pulled The Cover Off You Two Lovers D4 Go Ahead On D5 Bring Your Love E1 Zuzu Man E2 One Night Late E3 Did She Mention My Name? E4 The Grass Looks Greener Yonder E5 New Orleans F1 The Time Had Come F2 Looser For You Baby F3 The Ear Is On Strike F4 Make Your Own

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