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Blue Box

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Blue Box

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13 cd

Shocking Blue CD1-1 Love Is In The Air 2:36 CD1-2 Ooh Wee There's Music In Me 2:32 CD1-3 What You Gonna Do 2:17 CD1-4 Whisky Don't Wash My Brains 0:58 CD1-5 Little Maggie 2:47 CD1-6 Jail My Second Home 2:23 CD1-7 What's Wrong Bertha 2:24 CD1-8 League Of Angels 2:06 CD1-9 Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogiewoogie Flu 1:58 CD1-10 That's Allright 2:23 CD1-11 Crazy Drunken Man Dreams 2:51 CD1-12 Beggarman 2:31 CD1-13 Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me 2:01 CD1-14 Where My Baby's Gone 5:00 At Home CD2-1 Boll Weevil 2:40 CD2-2 I'll Write Your Name Through The Fire 2:50 CD2-3 Acka Raga 3:10 CD2-4 Love Machine 3:15 CD2-5 I'm A Woman 3:00 CD2-6 California Here I Come 3:15 CD2-7 Poor Boy 2:28 CD2-8 Love Buzz 3:40 CD2-9 The Butterfly And I 3:50 Scorpio's Dance CD3-1 Scorpio's Dance (First Movement) 0:38 CD3-2 Alaska Country 3:51 CD3-3 Sally Was A Good Old Girl 3:26 CD3-4 Deamon Lover 6:01 CD3-5 Scorpio's Dance 3:41 CD3-6 Little Cooling Planet 3:59 CD3-7 I Love Voodoo Music 4:00 CD3-8 Seven Is A Number In Magic 2:56 CD3-9 Keep It If You Want It 2:51 CD3-10 Water Boy 2:30 3rd Album CD4-1 Shocking You 2:59 CD4-2 Velvet Heaven 3:23 CD4-3 Love Sweet Love 3:12 CD4-4 I Saw Your Face 2:56 CD4-5 Simon Lee And The Gang 1:49 CD4-6 Serenade 3:26 CD4-7 Don't You See 2:43 CD4-8 The Bird Of Paradise 2:49 CD4-9 Moonlight Night 4:55 CD4-10 Sleepless At Midnight 2:30 CD4-11 I'll Follow The Sun 2:44 Live In Japan CD5-1 Venus 3:38 CD5-2 I'm A Woman 2:49 CD5-3 Sally Was A Good Old Girl 3:40 CD5-4 Poor Boy 3:00 CD5-5 Tobacco Road 3:20 CD5-6 Classical Gas (Instrumental) 3:28 CD5-7 Hot Sand 3:24 CD5-8 Long And Lonesome Road 3:57 CD5-9 Boll Weevil 3:19 CD5-10 Blossom Lady 3:29 CD5-11 Mighty Joe 3:36 CD5-12 Never Marry A Railroad Man 3:21 CD5-13 Shocking You 3:29 CD5-14 Venus 3:25 Inkpot CD6-1 I Ain't Fever 2:15 CD6-2 Navajo Tears 2:38 CD6-3 Shadows 2:27 CD6-4 Blue Jean (Instrumental) 2:33 CD6-5 Jambalaya 2:25 CD6-6 Inkpot 2:37 CD6-7 Tobacco Road 2:31 CD6-8 Hey 2:28 CD6-9 Who'll Save My Soul 1:55 CD6-10 Red Leaves I + II (Instrumental) 2:35 CD6-11 The Queen 2:03 CD6-12 I Melt Like Butter 2:10 Attila CD7-1 Rattler 2:47 CD7-2 Never Release The One You Love 2:57 CD7-3 A Waste Of Time 2:39 CD7-4 Wait 2:01 CD7-5 The Devil And The Angel 2:25 CD7-6 Rock In The Sea 2:56 CD7-7 I've Spent My Money 1:57 CD7-8 Will The Circle Be Unbroken 2:38 CD7-9 Early In The Morning 2:15 CD7-10 I Built My World Around You 1:55 CD7-11 Don't Let Your Right Know 2:06 CD7-12 Broken Heart 2:22 Ham CD8-1 Oh Lord 2:28 CD8-2 Dowee Dowee 2:47 CD8-3 Everything That's Mine 3:27 CD8-4 Devil's Suite 3:07 CD8-5 Time Slips Away 2:22 CD8-6 A Little Bit Of Heaven 2:30 CD8-7 I Saw You In June 2:30 CD8-8 Wild Rose 2:23 CD8-9 In My Time Of Dying 3:38 CD8-10 So Far From Home 2:10 CD8-11 Take Your Time 2:08 CD8-12 Now He's Gone 2:10 Dream On Dreamer CD9-1 Time Slips Away 2:24 CD9-2 Dowee Dowee 2:43 CD9-3 So Far From Home 2:09 CD9-4 Take Your Time 2:09 CD9-5 A Little Bit Of Heaven 2:30 CD9-6 Now He's Gone 2:11 CD9-7 Diana In Her Dreams 2:59 CD9-8 Just A Song 2:23 CD9-9 In My Time Of Dying 3:37 CD9-10 Wild Rose 2:31 CD9-11 Save Your Love 2:48 CD9-12 Devil's Suite 2:57 Good Times CD10-1 Good Times 3:27 CD10-2 You'll Come 2:06 CD10-3 My Life 2:35 CD10-4 Morning Sun 3:32 CD10-5 Loving Girl 3:30 CD10-6 Beggin' 4:13 CD10-7 This America 2:57 CD10-8 Nashville Rebel 2:27 CD10-9 Ball Of Confusion 3:25 CD10-10 Mississippi Delta 2:50 CD10-11 I Won't Be Lonely Long 2:57 CD10-12 Come My Way 3:19 Singles A's And B's, Part 1 CD11-1 Love Is In The Air 2:36 CD11-2 What You Gonna Do 2:17 CD11-3 Lucy Brown Is Back In Town 2:52 CD11-4 Fix Your Hair Darling 2:18 CD11-5 Send Me A Postcard Darling 2:37 CD11-6 Harley Davidson 2:37 CD11-7 Long And Lonesome Road 2:47 CD11-8 Fireball Of Love 2:58 CD11-9 Venus 3:00 CD11-10 Hot Sand 2:36 CD11-11 Mighty Joe 3:07 CD11-12 Wild Wind 2:10 CD11-13 Never Marry A Railroad Man 3:03 CD11-14 Roll Engine Roll 3:14 CD11-15 Hello Darkness 2:52 CD11-16 Pickin' Tomatoes 3:19 CD11-17 Shocking You 2:58 CD11-18 Waterloo 3:24 CD11-19 Blossom Lady 2:10 CD11-20 Is This A Dream 3:35 CD11-21 Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 2:44 CD11-22 I Like You 2:10 CD11-23 Inkpot 2:37 CD11-24 Give My Love To The Sunrise 2:24 CD11-25 Rock In The Sea 2:56 CD11-26 Broken Heart 2:22 CD11-27 Eve And The Apple 2:39 CD11-28 When I Was A Girl 2:24 Singles A's And B's, Part 2 CD12-1 Oh Lord 2:28 CD12-2 Everything That's Mine 3:28 CD12-3 Let Me Carry Your Bag 3:25 CD12-4 I Saw You In June 2:22 CD12-5 This America 2:57 CD12-6 I Won't Be Lonely Long 2:57 CD12-7 Dream On Dreamer 2:47 CD12-8 Where The Picknick Was 3:19 CD12-9 Good Times 3:25 CD12-10 Come My Way 3:19 CD12-11 Gonna Sing Me A Song 2:42 CD12-12 Get It On 3:11 CD12-13 Louise 3:04 CD12-14 The Jury And The Judge 3:46 CD12-15 I Am Hanging On To Love 2:24 CD12-16 Body And Soul 2:15 CD12-17 Angel 3:39 CD12-18 Love Buzz 3:40 CD12-19 Boll Weevil 2:40 CD12-20 I'm A Woman 3:01 CD12-21 Love Machine 3:20 CD12-22 Sally Was A Good Old Girl 3:26 CD12-23 Alaska Country 3:53 CD12-24 Deamon Lover 6:01 Shocking You! - Mariska Veres Shocking Jazz Quintet CD13-1 He's Not There 3:55 CD13-2 You Really Got Me 3:54 CD13-3 Shocking You! 3:09 CD13-4 Radar Love 4:27 CD13-5 Try A Little Tenderness 5:08 CD13-6 Venus 3:23 CD13-7 I Feel The Earth Move 5:09 CD13-8 Never Marry A Railroad Man 3:36 CD13-9 Somebody To Love 3:36 CD13-10 A Lot Of Livin' To Do 3:08 CD13-11 All By Myself 3:14 CD13-12 Rockin' Good Way 4:16